Robert P. Erickson, MD

(retired) Professor Emeritus
Associate - Research Professor, Surgery

  • Stanford School of Medicine, 1965 (M.D.)
  • Albert Einstein-Jacobi Hospital, 1967 (Residency, Pediatrics)
  • National Institutes of Health Laboratory of Chemical Biology, 1969 (Research Associate/U.S. Public Health Services)
  • National Institute of Medical Research, Mill Hill, London, 1970 (NIH Special Fellow)
  • University of California, San Francisco, 1971 (Fellow in Medical Genetics and Instructor, Department of Pediatrics)
Major Areas of Research Interest: 
  • Animal models of genetic disease
  • Human molecular genetics
Student Opportunities Through Research: 
  • Observing transgenic mouse production.
Selected Publications: 
Erickson RP. A new chromosome anomaly in a patient with apparent C (trigonocephaly) syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A. 143(2):214-5, 2007.
Garriock HA. Delgado P. Kling MA. Carpenter LL. Burke M. Burke WJ. Schwartz T. Marangell LB. Husain M. Erickson RP. Moreno FA. Number of risk genotypes is a risk factor for major depressive disorder: a case control study. Behavioral & Brain Functions [Electronic Resource]: BBF. 2:24, 2006.
Noon A. Hunter RJ. Witte MH. Kriederman B. Bernas M. Rennels M. Percy D. Enerback S. Erickson RP. Comparative lymphatic, ocular, and metabolic phenotypes of Foxc2 haploinsufficient and aP2-FOXC2 transgenic mice. Lymphology. 39(2):84-94, 2006.
Ahmad I. Lope-Piedrafita S. Bi X. Hicks C. Yao Y. Yu C. Chaitkin E. Howison CM. Weberg L. Trouard TP. Erickson RP. Allopregnanolone treatment, both as a single injection or repetitively, delays demyelination and enhances survival of Niemann-Pick C mice. Journal of Neuroscience Research. 82(6):811-21, 2005.
Trouard TP. Heidenreich RA. Seeger JF. Erickson RP. Diffusion tensor imaging in Niemann-Pick Type C disease. Pediatric Neurology. 33(5):325-30, 2005.
Erickson RP. Bhattacharyya A. Hunter RJ. Heidenreich RA. Cherrington NJ. Liver disease with altered bile acid transport in Niemann-Pick C mice on a high-fat, 1% cholesterol diet. American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal & Liver Physiology. 289(2):G300-7, 2005.
Erickson RP. Skinner S. Jacquet H. Campion D. Buckley PG. Mantripragada KK. Dumanski JP. Does chromosome 22 have anything to do with sex determination: further studies on a 46,XX,22q11.2 del male. American Journal of Medical Genetics. 123A(1):64-7, 2003.
Witte MH. Erickson RP. Witte CL. Cardio(blood-lymph)vascular genomics: need for a terminology adjustment. Lymphology. 36(4):159-61, 2003.
Kriederman BM. Myloyde TL. Witte MH. Dagenais SL. Witte CL. Rennels M. Bernas MJ. Lynch MT. Erickson RP. Caulder MS. Miura N. Jackson D. Brooks BP. Glover TW. FOXC2 haploinsufficient mice are a model for human autosomal dominant lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome. Human Molecular Genetics. 12(10):1179-85, 2003.
Wang LL. Gannavarapu A. Clericuzio CL. Erickson RP. Irvine AD. Plon SE. Absence of RECQL4 mutations in poikiloderma with neutropenia in Navajo and non-Navajo patients. American Journal of Medical Genetics. 118A(3):299-301, 2003.
Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 
John Pierpont, (MSRP 1992): "Delineate the region of a chromosome 22Q 11 2 deletion in patients with a fascial cardiac syndrome (pulmonary atresia/VSD), a distinct facial phenotype from velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS)"
Dwayne M. St. Jacques, (MSRP 1994): "PAX 2 mutations in urogenital disorders"
Akshay Muralidhar, (MSRP 2010): "Using Immunoblot Analysis to Localize and Confirm the Selective Expression of the NPC1 Protein in NPC1-/- Mouse Lines" 
NIH Undergraduate Diversity Program: 
Reginald Myles II, 2018, "Researching Neimann Pick Type C."
NIH High School Student Research Program: 
Arlene Morales, Cibola High School, 1998
Nicole Gibson (Steele Memorial Fellow), Northwest Community Christian High School, 2000
Justin Begay, Tuba City High School (Tuba City, AZ), 2003
Emelia Alee-Jumbo, Chinle High School (Chinle, AZ) 2004
Jonathan Siquieros, Baboquivari High School (Sells, AZ), 2005
Elizabeth Tassone, Flagstaff High School (Flagstaff, AZ), 2006
Ernesto Duran, Amphitheater High School, 2008
Luis Roberto Arzac, Douglas High School (Douglas, AZ), 2009
Carli S. Ogle, Mountain View High School, 2009
Esau Moreno, Pueblo High School, 2010
Raymond Gallardo, Desert View High School, 2011
Rowe "Rowdy" Kruger, St. Gregory College Prep, 2013
Brittney Fisher, Desert View High School, 2014
Carly Dalmacio, San Carlos Secondary School, 2015
Christina Brentley, Nogales High School, 2016
Yazmin Gonzales-Almazan, Pueblo Magnet High School, 2017
Christina Cruz, Douglas High School (Douglas, AZ), 2018
NIH K-12 Science Teacher Program: 
Ivy A. Sweeney, Marana Middle School, 2000
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