Medical Student Research Program

Fellowship Guidelines

Start the process by meeting with Dr. Marlys Witte, Program Director for the MSRP. She is excellent in giving guidance for student research and has her ear to the ground as to faculty looking for students. If you wish to meet with her (she usually meets with students in the afternoons), please send several available dates/times and MSRP staff will make the appointment.
 Briefly, the steps are:

  1.  Find a mentor (sponsor) (if you don't know anyone in your area of interest, here's the link to our online Sponsor Directory.
  2. Contact the mentor, either by phone or e-mail, and find out if he/she has an opening for a medical student to work with them for the summer through our program (all the sponsors on our directory are familiar with our program). If agreeable, make an appointment.
  3. If a "meeting of the minds" is reached between you and the mentor, you should then fill out an application form (take a copy with you to your meeting). Your proposal should be 2-3 pages long in YOUR own words. You will probably be given info to read, so just briefly write your proposal in the outline listed on the application form (have the sponsor/mentor review your proposal). An Application form is available to download from our website or can be picked up in our office.

Specific areas that need to be addressed:

  1. Project involve animals? You will need your mentors protocol/exemption number & date; take the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Program (IACUC) training and provide a copy of your completion form.
  2. Project involve humans? You will need to provide your mentors protocol/exemption number & date and take the CITI test ( and provide a copy of your completion form.
  3. Have Student Records initial first page of the Application form to certify that you are a medical student in good standing.
  4. Attach a letter of support from your sponsor.

Final step – drop your Application form page 1 (signed by Student Records) by my office and e-mail the back-up material to me. I will send to our Review Committee (MSRC) for approval.
After approval, you will be notified by e-mail of the results of the MSRC review – your proposal may be approved without changes or the Committee may wish you to address queries.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Grace S. Wagner
Program Manager Medical Student Research Program
Department of Surgery, Room 4402
Ph: (520) 626-6360

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