Gain understanding of the shifting domains of ignorance, uncertainty, and the unknown: philosophical and psychological foundations and approaches to learning, questioning, and creating "knowledge"; history and development of selected ideas and methods in basic and clinical medical science; mastery by in-depth multidimensional exploration of selected timely medical topics.

Improve skills to recognize and deal productively with ignorance, uncertainty, and the unknown: questioning critically and creatively focusing on raising, listening to, analyzing, prioritizing, and answering questions from different points of view; communicating clearly in different media with various audiences; collaborating effectively with different people and other resources.

Reinforce positive attitudes and values of curiosity, optimism, humility, self-confidence, and skepticism.

Activities & Courses

  • Summer Institute on Medical Ignorance
  • Full-time basic and clinical research
  • Seminars and Clinics on Medical Ignorance
  • Freshman Colloquium and Workshops on "Introduction to Medical (and Other) Ignorance
  • Introduction to Medical (and Other) Ignorance
  • Questions and Questioning Exercises
  • Creative Thinking Exercises
  • Final Oral and Written Reports on Selected Topics in Medical Ignorance
  • Weekly Ignorance Logs
  • Ignorance Field Trips
  • Monthly Pondering Rounds
  • Ignorance Ward and Grand Rounds
  • Ignorance Conferences
  • Visiting Professors of Medical Ignorance
  • La Residencia del Incógnito