Ralph F. Fregosi, PhD

Professor, Physiology
Department of Physiology Respiratory Neurophysiology Laboratory
Professor, Neurobiology
Professor, Evelyn F Mcknight Brain Institute
Professor, Neuroscience - GIDP
Professor, Physiological Sciences - GID
  • University of Massachusetts-Boston, Boston, MA.,1976 ( B.S., Biological Science)
  • The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 1977 (M.S., Exercise Physiology
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, 1985 (Ph.D., Respiratory Physiology)
  • Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH, 1986-1988 (Postdoctoral, Respiratory Physiology)
Honors and Awards: 
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellow of the American Heart Association, 1984-1986
  • Individual National Research Service Award, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (IF32 HL 07293), 1986-1988
  • American Heart Association Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1986 (grant was withdrawn due to concurrent NIH funding)
  • FIRST award, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, 1990-95
Major Areas of Research Interest: 
  • Neurophysiology
  • Respiratory Physiology
  • Neural control of respiratory muscles
  • Neuromuscular control of the upper airways
  • Application of respiratory neurpohysiology to biomedical problems 
Student Opportunities Through Research: 
Opportunity to attend national conferences. Research resulting in publication.
Selected Publications: 
Iizuka M, Fregosi RF. Influence of hypercapnic acidosis and hypoxia on abdominal expiratory nerve activity in the rat. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. PMID: 17292680, 2007.
Van Zutphen C, Janssen P, Hassan M, Cabrera R, Bailey EF, Fregosi RF. Regional velopharyngeal compliance in the rat: influence of tongue muscle contraction. NMR Biomed. PMID: 17274106, 2007.
Bailey EF, Huang YH, Fregosi RF. Anatomic consequences of intrinsic tongue muscle activation. J Appl Physiol. 101(5):1377-85, 2006.
Fregosi RF, Quan SF, Morgan WL, Goodwin JL, Cabrera R, Shareif I, Fridel KW, Bootzin RR. Pharyngeal critical pressure in children with mild sleep-disordered breathing.
J Appl Physiol. 101(3):734-9, 2006,
Bailey EF, Fregosi RF. Modulation of upper airway muscle activities by bronchopulmonary afferents. J Appl Physiol. 101(2):609-17, 2006.
Fregosi RF, Quan SF. MRI of pharyngeal airway in children with sleep-disordered breathing. J Appl Physiol. 99(6):2470; author reply 2470, 2005.
John J, Bailey EF, Fregosi RF. Respiratory-related discharge of genioglossus muscle motor units. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 172(10):1331-7, 2005.
Bailey EF, Janssen PL, Fregosi RF. PO2-dependent changes in intrinsic and extrinsic tongue muscle activities in the rat. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 171(12):1403-7, 2005.
Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 
Caitlyn Harrison (MSRP 2011, 2012): "Influence of Prenatal Nicotine Exposure on the Control of Breathing"
Stuti Jaiswal (MSRP 2007): "Quantitative Analysis of GABA Receptors in the Pre-Botzinger Complex in Nicotine Exposed Noenatal Rats"
Advanced Research Distinction Track (RDT): 
Caitlyn Harrison (RDT 2015): "Influence of Prenatal Nicotine Exposure on the Control of Breathing"
NIH Undergraduate Diversity Program: 
Danielle Gomez, 2013: "The Affects of Nicotine Exposure on Breathing";2014: "Does Developmental Nicotine Exposure (DNE) Increase the Risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?" 2015; "Effects of developmental nicotine exposure (DNE) on the development of brainstem neurons that control breathing and heart rate"
Abdullah Aleem, 2012, 2016; "Perinatal Nicotine Exposure and the Neuromuscular Junction"
Kimberly Henderson, 2017; "Prenatal Nicotine Exposure in Rat Neonates"
NIH High School Student Research Program: 
Abdullah Aleem, Palo Verde High School, 2012
Troy Bowers, Cholla Magnet High School, 2017
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