James A. Warneke, MD, FACS

Associate Professor, Surgery
Vice Chair, Education / Professionalism
  • University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, Los Angeles, Ca, 1982 (M.D.)
  • University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Tucson, Arizona, 1982-1983 (Internship)
  • University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Tucson, Arizona, 1983-1987 (Residency, General Surgery)
Major Areas of Research Interest: 
  • Biology and prevention of skin malignancies
Selected Publications: 

Bernstein H, Prasad A, Holubec H, Bernstein C, Payne CM, Ramsey L, Dvorakova K, Wilson M, Warneke JA, Garewal H. Reduced Pms2 Expression in Non-Neoplastic Flat Mucosa From Patients With Colon Cancer Correlates With Reduced Apoptosis Competence. Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol. 14(2):166-172, 2006.

Shi J, Kahle A, Hershey JW, Honchak BM, Warneke JA, Leong SP, Nelson MA. Decreased expression of eukaryotic initiation factor 3f deregulates translation and apoptosis in tumor cells. Oncogene. 2006 (E-publication).

Holubec H, Payne CM, Bernstein H, Dvorakova K, Bernstein C, Waltmire CN, Warneke JA, Garewal H. Assessment of apoptosis by immunohistochemical markers compared to cellular morphology in ex vivo-stressed colonic mucosa. J Histochem Cytochem. 53(2):229-35, 2005.

Barton JK, Gossage KW, Xu W, Ranger-Moore JR, Saboda K, Brooks CA, Duckett LD, Salasche SJ, Warneke JA, Alberts DS. Investigating sun-damaged skin and actinic keratosis with optical coherence tomography: a pilot study. Technol Cancer Res Treat. 2(6):525-35, 2003.

Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 

Angela Wyatt (MSRP 1996): "Stereotactic biopsies and false negative rate."

Jonathan Baron (MSRP 1996): "Clinical pharmacology and phase II trials of dose intensive vitamin a in patients with prior skin cancer and/or severely sun damaged skin."

Robert Berger (MSRP 1996): "Lumpectomy and radiation treatment for invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast."

Timothy Dixon (MSRP 1996): "The influence of brachytherapy on the recurrence rate of breast cancer."

John Monroe (MSRP 2001): "Correlation of melanoma characteristics with nodal involvement."

Bryan Armijo (MSRP 2002, 2004): "The correlation of the pathological characteristics of melanomas with the rate of sentinel node positivity, and the correlation between the rate and site of metastasis with the sentinel node status."

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