Dale P. Woolridge, MD, PhD, FAAEM, FAAP, FACEP

Professor, Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics
Director, Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program
Additional Contact Info: 

Fax: (520) 626-2480

  • Northern Arizona University, Chemistry, 1990 (BS)
  • University of Arizona, Biochemistry, 1998 (Ph.D.)
  • University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, Arizona, 1998 (M.D.)
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, 6/24/1998 - 1/31/2003 (Residency, Emergency Medicine)
Honors and Awards: 
  • Education Award, Department of Pediatrics, 2003
  • Chief Resident Award, Department of Pediatrics, 2003
  • Chief Resident Award, Department of Emergency Medicine, 2003
  • Education Award, Department of Emergency Medicine, 2003
  • Best Presentation, Medical Student Research Forum, 1995-1996
  • Graduate and Professional Student Travel Grant, ASUA, 1995
  • Flinn Foundation, Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholar, 1994-1996
  • American Heart Association (AHA), Fellowship, 1994-1995
  • Student Representative, M.D./Ph.D. Club, University of Arizona, 1993-1998
  • Hostetter Fellowship, Department of Biochemistry, 1993-1998
  • Dean's List, Northern Arizona University, 1987-1990
  • Athletic Scholarship (Wrestling), Northern Arizona University, 1985-1990
Major Areas of Research Interest: 
  • Urinary tract infections
  •  Inflammatory markers
  •  Pediatrics
Selected Publications: 
Handoffs: Transitions of Care for Children in the Emergency Department, , PEDIATRICS, Jan-11-2016, Volume 138, Issue 5, p.e20162680 - e20162680, (2016)
A Survey of Graduates of Combined Emergency Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Programs: An Update.,Strobel, Ashley M., Chasm Rose M., and Woolridge Dale P. , J Emerg Med, 2016 Aug 5, (2016)
Arizona's Emergency Medical Services for Children Pediatric Designation System for Emergency Departments.Smith, Natasha, St Mars Tomi, and Woolridge Dale , J Emerg Med, 2016 May 31, (2016)
Appendicitis in the Infant Population: A Case Report and Review of a Four-Month Old With Appendicitis.,Goldberg, Lisa C., Prior Jessica, and Woolridge Dale , J Emerg Med, 2016 Feb 15, (2016)
Evaluation of child maltreatment in the emergency department setting: an overview for behavioral health providers.Leetch, Aaron N., Leipsic John, and Woolridge Dale P. , Child Adolesc Psychiatr Clin N Am, 2015 Jan, Volume 24, Issue 1, p.41-64, (2015)
Emergency department evaluation of child abuse.Leetch, Aaron N., and Woolridge Dale , Emerg Med Clin North Am, 2013 Aug, Volume 31, Issue 3, p.853-73, (2013)
Emerging concepts in pediatric emergency radiology.Baker, Nicola, and Woolridge Dale , Pediatr Clin North Am, 2013 Oct, Volume 60, Issue 5, p.1139-51, (2013)
Pediatric emergency medicine. Preface.Lu, Le N., Woolridge Dale, and Dietrich Ann M. , Emerg Med Clin North Am, 2013 Aug, Volume 31, Issue 3, p.xvii-xviii, (2013)
The effects of resident level of training on the rate of pediatric prescription errors in an academic emergency department.Pacheco, Garrett S., Viscusi Chad, Hays Daniel P., and Woolridge Dale P. , J Emerg Med, 2012 Nov, Volume 43, Issue 5, p.e343-8, (2012)
The "good" dean's letter.Kiefer, Christopher S., Colletti James E., M Bellolio Fernanda, Hess Erik P., Woolridge Dale P., Thomas Kristen B., and Sadosty Annie T. , Acad Med, 2010 Nov, Volume 85, Issue 11, p.1705-8, (2010)
Pediatric emergency medicine fellowships: faculty and resident training profiles.Murray, Monica L., Woolridge Dale P., and Colletti James E. , J Emerg Med, 2009 Nov, Volume 37, Issue 4, p.425-9, (2009)
A survey on the graduates from the combined emergency medicine/pediatric residency programs.Woolridge, Dale P., and Lichenstein Richard , J Emerg Med, 2007 Feb, Volume 32, Issue 2, p.137-40, (2007)
The normal newborn exam, or is it?Lowe, Merlin C., and Woolridge Dale P. , Emerg Med Clin North Am, 2007 Nov, Volume 25, Issue 4, p.921-46, v, (2007)
Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 

Patricia Olaya (MSRP, 2006): “Polyamines and their Acetyl Derivatives as Biomarkers for Urinary Tract Infections.”

Lucas Friedman (MSRP 2007): "Polyamines and Their Acetyl Derivatives as Biomarkers for Urinary Tract Infections."

Jennie Collins (MSRP 2008): "Lactate clearance as a prognostic marker in pediatric shock."

Garrett Pacheco (MSRP 2008): "Enforcing the Underage Drinking Laws: Screening and Education for Underage Drinking (SCUD) Program"

Jolomi Iyoha (MSRP 2011): "Utilizing Bedside Ultrasound to Diagnose Pediatric Skull Fracture in the Emergency Department"

James Roberts (MSRP 2012): "A Comparison of the Efficacies of CT and Ultrasound in Detecting Skull Fractures in Pediatric Patients"

Mariah Lyko, (MSRP 2015): "Biomarker Levels in Children with Acute Bone Fracture"

Bethany Boczar, (MSRP 2017): Biomarker Levels in Children with Acute Bone Fracture"

Robert Martinez, (MSRP 2017): Characterizing the Change in Bilirubin Level of Bruises over Time Through the Use of Transcutaneous Spectrophotometry"

Advanced Research Distinction Track (RDT): 

Julie Augenstein (Class of 2012): "The role of polyamines and their acetyl-derivatives as biomarkers for UTIs."

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