Valentine N. Nfonsam, MD, MS, FACS

Associate Professor, Surgery
General Surgery Residency Program Director
MD: University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine, 2003
Honors and Awards: 
Leader in Patient Satisfaction, University of Arizona Medical Center - Tucson, 2011
Caregiver of the Month, University of Arizona Medical Center - Tucson, 2013
Nomination for a grant submission to the V-Foundation for Cancer Research, University of Arizona, 2015
Nomination for a grant submission to the Phi Beta Psi Sorority, University of Arizona, 2015
Banner University Medical Group Endless Possibilities Award, 2015
Top Doc Award, United Ostomy Associations of America, 2015-2016
Tucson Best Doctor in Colorectal Surgery, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, 2015
Major Areas of Research Interest: 

Colon and Rectal Cancer especially in younger patients Treatment of fecal Incontinence Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Selected Publications: 

Ilyas, M., Sabegh, B., Nfonsam, V. N., Maegawa, F., Bellal, J., Patel, J., & Wexner, S. (2016). Are there differences in outcomes after Sigmoidectomy for Diverticular disease and Cancers? A National Inpatient Sample Study. Colorectal Diseases. doi:10.1111/codi.13461

Janda, J., Nfonsam, V., Calienes, F., Sligh, J. E., & Jandova, J. (2016). Modulation of ROS levels in fibroblasts by altering mitochondria regulates the process of wound healing. Archives of dermatological research, 308(4), 239-48.

Jandova, J., Wenjie, X., & Nfonsam, V. N. (2016). Sporadic Early-onset Colon Cancer Expresses Unique Molecular Features. Journal of Surgical Research, 204, 251-260.

Nfonsam, V. N., Aziz, H., Pandit, V., Khalil, M., Jandova, J., & Bella, J. (2016). Analyzing clinical outcomes in Laparoscopic Right vs. Left colectomy in colon cancer patients using the NSQIP database. Cancer treatment Communications, 8, 1-4.

Pandit, V., Mazhar, K., Bellal, J., Jandova, J., Jokar, T., Haider, A., & Nfonsam, V. N. (2016). Disparities in Management of Patients with Benign Colorectal Disease; Impact of Urbanization and Specialized Care. The American Surgeon Journal.

Raoof, M., Patel, J., Nfonsam, V. N., Krouse, R., & Ong, E. (2016). Prognostic significance of lymph node sampling in ypN0 Rectal Adenocarcinoma: a cohort analysis of SEER database;. British Journal of Surgery.

Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 

Ryan DiGiovanni (MSRP 2013): "MicroRNA Profile in Detailing Colorectal Cancer"

Eric Ohlson (MSRP 2013): "HMGA2 Expression in Colorectal Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

Joseph Harkins (MSRP 2015): "Compare Mortality Rates Between Early Onset Colorectal Cancer and Late Onset Colorectal Cancer"

Advanced Research Distinction Track (RDT): 

Eric Ohlson (RDT Class of 2016): "Colorectal Cancer in Rural Areas in Arizona: A Study of Age, Gender & Ethnicity."

NIH Undergraduate Diversity Program: 

Alejandro Cruz, 2016; "Disparities in Incidence of Recto-Sigmoid Cancer in Arizona: A 15-Year Arizona Cancer Registry Database Study"

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