Terence O'Keeffe, MB, ChB, MSPH

Professor of Surgery
Interim Division Chief, Trauma, Critical Care, Burn and Emergency Surgery
Chief of Staff, Banner University Medical Center - Tucson
Director, Acute Care and Critical Care Fellowships
Additional Contact Info: 
Patient Appointments: (520) 694-6144
Clinics: The University of Arizona Medical Center - University Campus Surgery, Multi-specialty, 1501 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ 85724
Clinic Fax: (520) 694-6101
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, 1994 (MB, Bachelor of Medicine, and ChB, Bachelor of Surgery, or in Latin Medicinae Baccalaureus and Baccalaureus Chirurgiae - equivalent to MD)
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, 1995-95 (Internship)
Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, 1996-97 (Internship)
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1995-96 (Residency, Surgery)
Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury, England, United Kingdom, 1997-98 (Residency)
Western Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, 1998-99 (Residency)
Oregon Health Sciences University, 1999-2002 (Residency)
Legacy Health, Portland, Oregon, 2002 (Fellowship, Laparoscopic Surgery)
Ryder Trauma Center, Miami, Florida, 2003-05 (Fellowship, Trauma/Critical Care, Master's of Science, Public Health)
Major Areas of Research Interest: 
Injury prevention. Massive transfusion practices, Motorcycle trauma and damage control surgery
Selected Publications: 
O'Keeffe T and Patterson E. “Evidence supporting routine polysomnography prior to bariatric surgery” Obesity Surgery. 14(1):23-6, 2004
O’Keeffe T, Goldman R, Mayberry J, Rehm C and Hart R. “Tracheostomy following anterior cervical spine fixation”. J Trauma 57(4):855-60, 2004.
Tekin A, Namias N, O’Keeffe T et al. “A burn mass casualty event due to boiler room explosion on a cruise ship: Preparedness and outcomes” Am Surg 71(3):210-215, 2005.
Inaba K, Munera F, McKenney M, Rivas L, Marecos E, de Moya M, O’Keeffe T, Pizano L and Cohn S: “The non-operative management of penetrating internal jugular vein injury” J. Vasc Surg 43(1):77-80, 2006.
O’Keeffe T, Dearwater S, Gentilello L, Cohen T, Wilkinson J and McKenney M: “Increased fatalities following motorcycle helmet law repeal: Is it all due to lack of helmets?” Journal of Trauma 63(5). 1006-1009, 2007.
O’Keeffe T, Refaai M, Tchorz K, Forestner JE and Sarode R: “A massive transfusion protocol decreases blood component usage and charges.” Archives of Surgery. 143(7): 686-691, 2008.
Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 

Jack Hannallah (MSRP 2009): "Assessing risky behavior/factors of Arizona ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) riders."

Christopher Piercecchi (MSRP 2009): "Hypothermia in trauma patients: Does time to achieve normothermia affect mortality?"

Michael O'Neil (MSRP 2010): "Organ Donations Following Trauma-Timing, Factors Influencing Organ Donation and Cost Benefit Analysis."

Kerry Mendes (MSRP 2012): "Vitamin D Deficiency: Exploring Prevalence and the Association with Poor Outcomes in Trauma Patients."

Andrew Chesley (MSRP 2013): "Digital Data Collection: Examining the Fidelity of Digital Versus Manual Notes During Trauma Resuscitation."

Cubby Pierre (MSRP 2015): "Motocycle Helmet Attitude and Beliefs Among Arizona Riders"

Advanced Research Distinction Track (RDT): 

Jack Hannallah (RDT 2012): "Assessing risky behavior/factors of Arizona ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) riders."

NIH High School Student Research Program: 

-Nichole Marie Catalano, Flowing Wells High School, 2011

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