Mary Kay O'Rourke, PhD

Professor, Public Health
Research Scientist, Respiratory Sciences
Professor, Global Change - GIDP
Research Professor, Medicine
  • University of Arizona, 1986 (Ph.D.)
Major Areas of Research Interest: 
Mary Kay O'Rourke's research involves environmental exposure assessment, including human exposure to metals, pesticides, VOCs, PAHs, bioaerosols, pollen, and mold. Her research interests also include air quality, allergens, asthma, and exposure of children to pesticides.
Selected Publications: 
Needham LL. Ozkaynak H. Whyatt RM. Barr DB. Wang RY. Naeher L. Akland G. Bahadori T. Bradman A. Fortmann R. Liu LJ. Morandi M. O'Rourke MK. Thomas K. Quackenboss J. Ryan PB. Zartarian V. Exposure assessment in the National Children's Study: introduction. Environmental Health Perspectives. 113(8):1076-82, 2005.
Stephen GA. McRill C. Mack MD. O'Rourke MK. Flood TJ. Lebowitz MD. Assessment of respiratory symptoms and asthma prevalence in a U.S.-Mexico border region. Archives of Environmental Health. 58(3):156-62, 2003.
Hysong TA. Burgess JL. Cebrian Garcia ME. O'Rourke MK. House dust and inorganic urinary arsenic in two Arizona mining towns. Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology. 13(3):211-8, 2003.
Cahill BC. O'Rourke MK. Parker S. Stringham JC. Karwande SV. Knecht TP. Prevention of bone loss and fracture after lung transplantation: a pilot study. Transplantation. 72(7):1251-5, 2001.
O'Rourke MK. Lizardi PS. Rogan SP. Freeman NC. Aguirre A. Saint CG. Pesticide exposure and creatinine variation among young children. Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology. 10(6 Pt 2):672-81, 2000.
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