Katalin M. Gothard, PhD, MD

Assistant Professor, Physiology
Assistant Professor, Neurobiology
Assistant Professor, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute
Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute
Associate Professor, Neurology
Associate Professor, Physiological Sciences - GIDP
  • University of Arizona, 1996 (Ph.D.)
  • University of Timisoara, Romania, 1988 (M.D.)
Major Areas of Research Interest: 
The broad goal of the research in our laboratory is to understand the neural basis of emotion. We use non-human primates as a model system for normal and pathological emotions generated in the context of social behavior. ?The experiments involve eliciting emotions in freely behaving monkeys while recording neural activity from several brain areas in conjunction with cardiovascular and other autonomic measurements. These experiments reveal the real-time dynamic interaction of multiple systems implicated in emotion regulation and the mechanisms by which emotional responses produce immediate behavioral effects.
Selected Publications: 

Gothard, K.M., Erickson, Spitler, K.S., Amaral, D.G. Nov 2006. Neural Responses to Facial Expression and Face Identity in the Monkey Amygdala. J Neurophysiol,2006 Nov 8;

Waller BM, Vick SJ, Parr LA, Bard KA, Pasqualini MC, Gothard KM, Fuglevand AJ: Intramuscular electrical stimulation of facial muscles in humans and chimpanzees: duchenne revisited and extended. Emotion, 6:367-82, 2006.

Terrazas A, Krause M, Lipa P, Gothard KM, Barnes CA, McNaughton BL: Self-motion and the hippocampal spatial metric. J Neurosci, 25:8085-96, 2005

Gothard KM, Erickson CA, Amaral DG: How do rhesus monkeys ( Macaca mulatta) scan faces in a visual paired comparison task?. Anim Cogn, 7:25-36, 2004

Gothard KM, Hoffman KL, Battaglia FP, McNaughton BL: Dentate gyrus and ca1 ensemble activity during spatial reference frame shifts in the presence and absence of visual input. J Neurosci, 21:7284-92, 2001.

Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 
Sean Kent (MSRP 2014): "Effect of Frontotemporal Dementia on Facial Recognition."
Siddesh Gopalakrishnan (MSRP 2014): "Exogenous Oxytocin's Effect on the Social Cognition of the Rhesus Macaque."
NIH High School Student Research Program: 
-Clark Alves, St. Johns High School, 2007
-Megan L. Hurley, Mountain View High School, 2009
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