Timothy W. Secomb, PhD

Professor, Mathematics
Professor, Physiology

Department of Physiology
P.O. Box 245051
Tucson AZ 85724-5051

(502) 626-4513
Email Address: 
  • University of Melbourne, 1975 (B.Sc. -Honors - Mathematics)
  • University of Melbourne, 1976 (M.Sc. Mathematics)
  • University of Cambridge, 1979 (Ph.D., Applied Mathematics)
Honors & Awards: 
  • Lamport Young Investigator Award, Microcirculatory Society, 1982
  • Acting Chairman, Program in Applied Mathematics, 1989-1992
  • Fellow, American Institute of Medical and Biomedical Engineering
Selected Publications: 

Lanzen J. Braun RD. Klitzman B. Brizel D. Secomb TW. Dewhirst MW. Direct demonstration of instabilities in oxygen concentrations within the extravascular compartment of an experimental tumor. Cancer Research. 66(4):2219-23, 2006.

Secomb TW. Comments on Point:Counterpoint "Positive effects of intermittent hypoxia (live high:train low) on exercise performance are/are not mediated primarily by augmented red cell volume". Journal of Applied Physiology. 99(6):2454-5, 2005.

Pries AR. Reglin B. Secomb TW. Remodeling of blood vessels: responses of diameter and wall thickness to hemodynamic and metabolic stimuli. Hypertension. 46(4):725-31, 2005

Student Opportunities Through Research: 

Application of mathematical and computational methods to study physiological problems, in collaboration with experimental physiologists. (Note: Suitable for students with strong interest and background in mathematics and/or engineering.)

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November 18, 2015