Science Education Partnership Award Programs

K-12 Science Teacher Program

The University of Arizona College of Medicine Medical Student Research Program is offering the Science Education Partnership Award K-12 Science Teacher Research Program. A select number of K-12 science teachers, who teach a significant number of financially, socially, or educationally disadvantaged students, will have the opportunity to participate in a summer research program in conjunction with the High School Student Research Program and the Medical Student Research Program.

Teachers selected for the program will be provided hands-on research experience as well as the opportunity to update their knowledge and skills in modern research tools and techniques. It is the immediate goal of this program that teaching skills will be strengthened and teachers themselves will return to the classroom with a sense of the excitement of research which will in turn stimulate students to pursue scientific careers. A longer range goal is to establish year-round links between science teachers, secondary school students, and biomedical researchers.


High School Student Research Program

The Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) High School Student Research Program offers positions in productive basic and clinical research laboratories at The University of Arizona College of Medicine. Students who are financially, educationally, and socially disadvantaged are paid the minimum federal hourly wage for 40 hours a week for the 7 weeks in June and July. As in previous years, our plan is to incorporate high school students into the Medical Student Research Fellowship Summer Program (25-30 students), thereby stimulating interactions with "big brother" and "big sister" medical students and also with medical faculty mentors and Visiting Professors conducting bi-weekly research seminars throughout the summer. It is our hope and expectation that these apprentices will have a very positive experience, attracting the best and brightest disadvantaged students to The University of Arizona as undergraduates where some will continue their research and ultimately enter the College of Medicine.


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