Ronald M. Lynch, PhD

Professor, Physiology and Pharmacology

Biomedical Research Lab F101
P.O. Box 245051
Tucson AZ 85724-5051

(520) 626-2472
Email Address:
  • University of Cincinnati, 1983 (Ph.D.)
Honors & Awards: 
  • National Research Service Award, 1984-1987
  • Charles A. King Fellowship for Medical Research, 1988-1990
Major Areas of Research Interest: 
  • Regulation of insulin secretion from the pancreas
  • Regulation of smooth muscle contractility and blood flow
Selected Publications: 

Kang YS, Do Y, Lee HK, Park SH, Cheong C, Lynch RM, Loeffler JM, Steinman RM, Park CG.
A dominant complement fixation pathway for pneumococcal polysaccharides initiated by SIGN-R1 interacting with C1q.Cell. 2006 125(1):47-58, 2006.

Xu L, Dixit MP, Nullmeyer KD, Xu H, Kiela PR, Lynch RM, Ghishan FK. Regulation of Na(+)/H(+) exchanger-NHE3 by angiotensin-II in OKP cells. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1758(4):519-526, 2006.

Martinez-Zaguilan R, Tompkins LS, Gillies RJ, Lynch RM. Simultaneous analysis of intracellular pH and Ca2+ from cell populations. Methods Mol Biol. 312:269-87, 2006.

Landowski TH, Megli CJ, Nullmeyer KD, Lynch RM, Dorr RT. Mitochondrial-mediated disregulation of Ca2+ is a critical determinant of Velcade (PS-341/bortezomib) cytotoxicity in myeloma cell lines. Cancer Res. 65(9):3828-36, 2005.

Sutherland VL, McReynolds M, Tompkins LS, Brooks HL, Lynch RM. Developmental expression of glucokinase in rat hypothalamus. Brain Res Dev Brain Res. 154(2):255-8, 2005.

Student Opportunities Through Research: 
  • Utilization of microscopic image acquisition and processing technique to study the pathways for cell excitation in the beta cell of the pancreas (insulin secretion) and the smooth muscle cell (blood flow regulation).
  • Computer programming, optical design and development, biochemical preparation of fluorescent probes, state of the art microscopic techniques to study physiology of single living cell, and biochemical characterization of cell metabolism are areas of research which can be pursued during a fellowship.


Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 

Matthew Wilks (MSRP 1991): "Hexokinase localization in insulin excitation-secretion coupling."

NIH K-12 Science Teacher Program: 

-Nancy Garavito, Buena High School, Sierra Vista, Arizona, 1997

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November 18, 2015