Horacio L. Rilo, MD

Professor of Surgery
Director of Cellular Transplantation
Co-Director, Arizona Diabetes Center

Arizona Health Sciences Center
Department of Surgery
Medical Research Building (MRB), Room 126
1656 E Mabel Street
Tucson, AZ 85724-5066

(520) 626-9989
Email Address: 

Fax: (520) 626-3644

  • University of Buenos Aires, School of Medicine, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1983 (MD)
  • Sanatorio Guemes Hospital Privad, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1984-88 (Residency, General Surgery)
  • Liver Unit, Clinical Hospital, University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 1988-90 (Research Fellow, Clinical Fellow)
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, 1990-91 ( Research Fellow, Surgery)
Major Areas of Research Interest: 

Advancement of islet cell transplantation for the treatment of type 1 diabetes and chronic pancratitis. The projects include improvements to the method he developed to isolate islet cells; investigation of alternative sites of implantation; expansion of adult-derived pancreatic duct cells into insulin producing cells; research into the cryopreservation of organs; and development of culture media and methods to store organs to promote oxygen diffusion.

Selected Publications: 

Wray CJ, Ahmad SA, Lowy A M. D’Alessio DA, Somogyi L, Choe KA, Soldano Jeffrey B. Matthews, Rodriguez Rilo HL. Clinical Significance of Bacterial Cultures from 28 Autologous Islet Cell Transplantation Solutions, Pancreatology 6(5): 562-9, 2005.

Ahamd SA, Lowy AM, Wray CJ, D’Alessio D, Choe KA, James LE, Gelrud A, Matthews JB, Rilo HL. Factors associated with insulin and narcotic independence after islet autotransplantation in patients with severe chronic pancreatitis. Journal of American College of Surgeons 201(5); 680-7, 2005.

Ahmed SA, Wray, Rilo HL, Choe KA, Gelrud A, Howington JA, Lowy AM, Matthews JB. Chronic Pancreatitis; recent advances and on-going challenges. Current Problems in Surgery 43 (3); 127-238, 2006.

Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 

Haudi Dehdashti (MSRP 2008): "Using donor islet cell transplantation on alternative site of treatmentfor pancreatic complications."

Nouralhoda Dehdashti (MSRP 2008): Diabetes management and prevention in high prevalence populations utilizing telemedicine outreach."

NIH Undergraduate Diversity Program: 

-David Gonzalez, 2011

NIH High School Student Research Program: 

-Tania L. Dieguez Martinez, Morenci Senior High School (Clifton, AZ), 2009

-Lucero Pesqueira, Rio Rico High School, 2010

-Yifeng Zhang, Chaparral High School, 2010

-Jorge P. Gonzalez, Nogales High School, 2012

-Hayley Rein Trevizo, Douglas High School, 2012

-Janessa De La Rosa, Sunnyside High School, 2012

-Esteban Florian, Amphitheater High School, 2013

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November 18, 2015