Abraham Jacob, MD

Associate Professor and Vice Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery

Director, University of Arizona Ear Institute

(520) 626-3553
Email Address: 

University of Michigan, School of Medicine, 1997

Honors & Awards: 

1989 National Merit Scholarship Finalist

1989 Rotary Club Scholar

1994 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

1994 Golden Key National Honor Society

1994 James B. Angell Scholar

1994 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

1996 Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Society in Medicine

2004 Washington University Otolaryngology Medical Student Teaching Award

2007 Nicholas Torok Award, American Neurotology Society

2007 Columbus Business First’s Forty under 40

2008 The Triological Society Career Development Award

2010 George L. Adams Young Faculty Award Middle Section; Triological Society

2010 FDA awards Orphan Drug Status to AR42 (Arno Therapeutics) for treatment of Vestibular Schwannomas/Meningiomas

2011 Accepted Thesis/Induction to The Triological Society as Active Member

2011 Politzer Prize Recipient: Best Scientific Submission 

Major Areas of Research Interest: 

 Dr. Jacob's research interests include the pathobiology of NF2-associated tumors such as vestibular schwannomas and meningiomas as well as the prevention, detection, treatment, and rehabilitation of chemotherapy-induced hearing loss (ototoxicity).

His current laboratory efforts focus on preclinical drug development for these diseasses, and as a surgeon-scientist, Dr. Jacob is optimally positioned to translate novel basic science discoveries to the patients bedside. His work is funded by the National Instittues of Health.

Sponsored Research Through MSRP: 

Craig Miller (MSRP 2012, 2013): "Inhibiting p21 Activate Kinase as Treatment Strategy for Vestibular Schwannomas and Meninginomas."

Terry Platto (MSRP 2013): "Establishment of a Behavioral Analysis System to Detect Cisplatin-Induced Hair Cell Damage."

Phi Tran (MSRP 2014): "Establishment of a Behavioral Analysis System to Detect Cisplatin-Induced Hair Cell Damage Using a Zebrafish Model."

Ross Francis (MSRP 2015) "Establishment of a Protocol to Isolate and Culture Individual Zebra Fish Hair Cells for the Purpose of Advancing Ototoxicity Research"

Justin Caskey (MSRP 2016): Nrf2 Inhibitor Brusatol for Cisplatin-Induced Zebrafish Hair Cell Toxicity"

Leanne Zabala (MSRP 2016): "Novel Behavioral Testing Apparatus to Detect Hair Cell Damage from Neomycin in Zebrafish"

Advanced Research - Research Distinction Track (RDT): 

Mandana Behbahani (RDT 2013): "Integrin Linked Kinase Inhibition as a Treatment Strategy for NF2-Associated Tumors"

Craig Miller (RDT 2014): "Inhibiting p21 Activate Kinase as a Treatment Strategy for Vestibular Schwannomas and Meningiomas"

 Terry Platto (RDT 2016): "Establishment of a Behavioral Analysis System to Detect Cisplatin-Induced Hair Cell Damage."

NIH High School Student Research Program: 

 -Kate Woodworth, Presidio High School, 2012

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January 13, 2017